Who are the providers?

The Anchor is the organization designated by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) as the one responsible for the plan and programs. In RHP18 Collin County serves as the Anchor. The Anchor ensures that providers comply with the Plan requirements. The providers and the Anchor communicate routinely.

For more information you can go to the Collin County website at the button below on the left, or to the HHSC website at the button on the right.

What is the "Anchor"?

The providers are hospitals, community clinics, and academic health centers that are licensed to provide medical and behavoiral healthcare to adults and children through their individual doctors, nurses, physician assistants and other health professionals. You can learn more on the "Providers" pages.

A Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) is a group of counties that work together to improve healthcare for adults and children who are uninsured or who have Medicaid insurance. In RHP18, Collin County, Grayson County and Rockwall County all work together as governmental units of the State of Texas. Each county and other local governmental and healthcare provider agencies provide funding of approximately 40 cents on the dollar to receive approximately 60 cents per dollar in Federal funds. This is a state-federal cost sharing program for qualified indigent and Medicaid patients. The providers in each county who submitted plans in RHP18 work together and with their respective counties on goals of improving the health of their patients. The plan is called the "Medicaid Transformation Waiver Plan." 

The State of Texas requested approval to develop this program and received approval from the Federal Government in 2011. The new or expanded health services described in the Plan are for physical/medical or behavioral health (mental illness, substance abuse/addiction) conditions. All of the projects described in the Plan must expand or improve the way services are provided. The providers must report data that shows that the persons they serve have better health and use fewer emergency services as a result of the project.

Every healthcare provider that participates in this new plan of services must coordinate with other healthcare providers for the patients they both see. 

The healthcare provider is responsible to show the RHP "Anchor," the State of Texas, and the Federal Government that they are providing services and monitoring the outcomes in accordance with the plan as they described and submitted it to the State of Texas.

What is a Regional Healthcare Partnership?

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