Texoma Community Center

Texoma Community Center (TCC) is the public mental healthcare authority in Grayson County. TCC's mission is to provide accessible mental health services that are designed to improve the quality of life for adults and children with mental illness, behavioral health problems, and developmental disorders.

For this Medicaid Waiver, TCC has implemented seven projects that will increase the number and types of services available for individuals who may not have qualified for those services in the past. They will also provide additional new programs not previously available.  Following are short descriptions of TCC's Waiver projects:


Transformation Project Goals

  • Provide telemedicine services for adults and children who otherwise have to travel long distances for special services, such as crisis assessments, psychiatric appointments or substance abuse treatment.


  • Provide outpatient substance abuse treatment services to prevent unnecessary inpatient treatment regardless of primary diagnosis.


  • Increase the available counseling services for persons who have not had access to these programs and expand diagnostic criteria for counseling services.


  • Continually improve the quality and efficiency of behavioral healthcare in Grayson County, by training staff in rapid-cycle quality improvement and frequently reviewing all services.


  • Provide integrated behavioral and primary healthcare to reduce unnecessary use of ER visits and to reach a larger number of indigent/poor adults and children who need services.


  • Help to prevent jail and prison incarceration and ER use through supportive housing and transitional services, mental health education, counseling and other supportive therapies, and improved self-care programs in order to keep mentally ill homeless individuals stable in the community.


  • Improve patient care by focusing on patient needs in integrated care, scheduling appointments, and establishing follow-up protocols for maintaining stability and patient satisfaction.

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