Our providers will work with you as a partner in your healthcare.

More services and easier access are important goals in this program. We want you to have a place to go for  the medical services you need, when you need them, without using the emergency room or a hospital when the condition is not an emergency.

Our providers can help you to prevent emergencies related to a medical condition by working with you on certain aspects of your health.
These new programs can help you learn how to stay healthy, and avoid having problems with any conditions you might have.
They can help you set goals for your health so you will feel better, like how to bring your blood pressure under control and keep it there, or avoid a diabetic crisis.
Another goal of these programs is to help you figure out how to work with the healthcare system. People called "patient navigators" will help you find easier and faster ways to get the care you or your family may need.

These programs can help you stay well.

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