Grayson County Health Clinic

1111 Gallagher Drive              Sherman, Texas 75090

903-771-2846 (Office)  903-771-2849 (Fax)

Why should I go to this clinic?

Our caring and dedicated staff can assist you with your health care needs.

   Nancy Davis, FNP

   Shawna O'Donley, PA

   Jimmy Tarpley, DO, Medical Director

If you have any of these conditions go to an ER or call 911

  Chest pain


Shortness of breath

Irregular heart beats


Head injuries with loss of consciousness

Severe allergic reaction

At Grayson County Health Clinic you can get your basic medical health care needs without having to go to an emergency room.  Seeing a regular doctor here means you can see the same doctor, and not have to wait at an ER, and you save money.

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