• Provide early interventions to improve patients' understanding of their medical conditions and help them live more comfortably in their homes, especially children with autism and developmental disabilities.

Lakes Regional Community Center

Lakes Regional Community Center is the outpatient mental health center for Rockwall County. They provide healthcare for adults with serious mental illness or chemical dependency problems. They also care for children and teens who have a mental illness or emotional disorders.

Lakes Regional also takes care of persons with autism, pervasive developmental disorders or intellectual disabilities, and infants and toddlers with developmental delays. 

This Community Center provides services in 12 counties in Texas including Rockwall in RHP18. 

This program is very important in the area because residents may live far away from a city where there are a lot of health services.

Transformation Project Goals

  • Provide telemedicine services for persons living at a great distance from medical care. This includes specialist referrals.


  • Help individuals get access to care, who are not currently eligible for state insured services due to diagnosis restrictions.


  • Directly improve health, provide health education, and increase the quality of life for residents of Rockwall County. This will help reduce risks for preventable disease among persons with mental illnesses.
  • Reduce obestity problems.

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