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The Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) formed by Collin, Grayson and Rockwall Counties to improve healthcare, started with the Texas Medicaid waiver program in 2012. The program pays Providers for services to Medicaid, Low Income and Uninsured adults and children that they might not otherwise be able to access.
This program follows rules of the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (called CMS) of the Federal government. 
This program pays for services including primary and specialty care to improve your health and functioning. The Program Plan information in the links below, describes the services available. You can get more information by contacting a provider in RHP18. 

RHP18 includes Collin, Grayson, and Rockwall counties in North Texas. Collin County provides the administrative functions for this RHP by serving as the "Anchor Entity". This means that Collin County government employs a team that supports and manages the Medicaid Waiver Programs in RHP18.
The Anchor Team works with the the individual healthcare provider organizations to develop, deliver, monitor and evaluate these healthcare programs for low income, uninsured and Medicaid patients. 

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Seven healthcare organizations in RHP18 provide services covered by this Waiver. There are also other healthcare providers that participate in other RHPs near RHP18, such as in Dallas, Denton, and other counties.

There are three hospitals, three community behavioral health centers, and a university health sciences center that have added new or expanded services for qualified adults and children. And we're adding more new providers this year.

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The Program and Plan

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